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Emirates Post Rebranding

Project type

Branding for Public


Fall 2021


Sharjah, UAE

Emirates Post is a leading postal service provider in the United Arab Emirates. As part of our DES200: Communication Design we had to rebrand Emirates Post that will be used to showcase their services and products to the public.

The goal of this project is to create an identity for Emirates Post that is modern, dynamic and reflects the company’s commitment to providing fast, reliable service all over the world. We have identified several key words that will be used as a foundation for our design: Fast, movement, bird, path, speed, hope, commitment and trust. We have also developed a concept that uses negative and positive spacing to create a sense of movement, as well as dimensional elements to give the design depth. The logo features a bird in flight, which symbolizes the path of delivery and movement. The wings represent speed and progress, while the orange color conveys hope and joy. The blue color is used to signify trustworthiness and commitment.

The overall look is modern and dynamic, while still conveying the trustworthiness associated with Emirates Post.

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