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Ephemeral E-commerce Vending System.

Project Type

Service Design


Sharjah, UAE


December 2022

Caryall is an ephemeral e-commerce vending system that provides a shopping bag product service. It was originally inspired by the HRX drawstring bag, and has been developed to provide customers with a convenient way to purchase groceries without having to leave their homes.
The Caryall website allows users to select from a variety of products, with different designs and size requirement for shopping. Once the user selects their desired item(s), they can then proceed to checkout where they will be prompted for payment information. After completing the transaction, the customer will receive their order which is a 3D printed Caryall: shopping bag which is designed specifically for carrying groceries.

In addition to its online presence, one can also order a Caryall through vending machines located outside grocery shops. After the use customers have to return the bag back to the vending machine and %95 cashback will be awarded.

Overall, Caryall is an innovative solution that makes grocery shopping easier than ever before while still providing customers with quality products at competitive prices.

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