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La Mie: An Imaginary Cafe

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Kandiwali, Mumbai


Fall 2022

Creating a brand identity for Lamie Bakery was an exciting project. Located in Kandivali, Mumbai, Lamie is an imaginary cafe that specializes in artisanal breads. Our goal was to create a unique and memorable brand concept that would capture the essence of the bakery while also standing out from its competitors.

To achieve this, we developed a minimalistic logo that featured the cafe›s name in an elegant font with a subtle hint of color. We also designed a website to showcase Lamie›s products and services, as well as mockups like their packaging and coffee cups. The brand concept was based on simplicity and minimalism. We wanted to create a logo that was timeless, yet modern and eye-catching. The website was designed with the same principles in mind, featuring an easy-to-navigate layout and clean visuals.

Finally, we created a menu card for Lamie Bakery that highlighted their artisanal breads and other offerings. The menu card was designed to be both visually appealing and informative, with clear descriptions of each item. Overall, we are proud of the brand identity that we created for Lamie Bakery. We believe it captures the essence of the cafe while also standingout from its competitors. We look forward to seeing how the brand identity will help Lamie Bakery grow and succeed in the future.This is where the project description goes. Give an overview or go in depth - what it's all about, what inspired you, how you created it, or anything else you'd like visitors to know. To add Project descriptions, go to Manage Projects.

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