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What's The Rush: Book Cover Redesign

Project type

Book Cover


Spring 2021


Sharjah, UAE

When it comes to book covers, Joey Kidney’s What’s the Rush? is a perfect example of how design can be used to capture the essence of a story. The redesigned cover features an image of a snow-covered landscape with a dark blue background and darkness looming in the distance. This imagery perfectly encapsulates the themes explored in this novel – namely, that life moves quickly and we must take time to appreciate what we have before it passes us by.
The typography on this cover also adds to its impactful message. The title “What’s the Rush?” appears as if it is freezing or breaking apart, emphasizing that life can change suddenly and unexpectedly at any moment. Additionally, the font choice are bold yet elegant which gives off an air of sophistication while still being eye-catching enough to draw readers in.

Overall, the redesigned cover of What’s the Rush? shows how design can be used to capture the essence of a story. The imagery and typography work together to create an impactful message that speaks directly to readers.

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